Stephen Cameron Grant

Stephen Cameron Grant - Private Chef is the East Neuk’s newest and most exciting private chef service....

Chef Steve has been cooking professionally for twenty-five years, working in intimate village pubs to grand banquet halls to award-winning restaurants in New Zealand, Australia, Egypt and Scotland.

While he may be best known for presenting traditional Scottish cuisine with a gourmet flare, his travel experiences have given him a range of expertise in the cuisines of the world.

He worked under the head chef of the Thai Royal Family, Paul Blain, and learned the intricate skills of combining flavours and colours to create intense and memorable Thai cuisine.

At Maison Bleue in Edinburgh he gained the skills of classic French cuisine, and at La Font de Gall in Mallorca he became expert in Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines. 

Now, Chef Steve is taking his many years of experience to your home, where he can prepare an intimate dinner for two, a fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration for friends and family, hors d’oevres for that business event you’ve been planning, or an afternoon tea baby shower to celebrate the grandchild, niece, son or daughter.

Whatever you have planned, Chef Steve will make sure the food is deliciously prepared, beautifully presented, and professionally served, so that you can relax and enjoy the event.

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The East Neuk’s newest and most exciting private chef service, focussing on high-quality, beautifully presented meals using local meat, seafood and produce.

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